Laser systems and apparatus

>Laser photo-acoustic gas leakage

Insulation gas leakage detector

SF6 LaserGasTest

Portable leak detector for sulfur hexafluoride operational control of tightness of the high-voltage gas-insulated equipment.

Laser spetrometer

Laser spetrometer


Stationary spetrometer LaserBreeze for medical diagnostics of some bronchopulmonary diseases of different etiologies.

Laser reference

Frequency reference


High-precision frequency reference (relative frequency instability 10-8) for metrological devices (for example, laser vibrometer) and calibration wavelengthmeters in IR.

Detectors of laser radiation

Pyroelectric detectors

IRDetector-30 & IRDetector-32

The series of high-sensitive pyroelectric IR range radiation detectors.

Terahertz source

Laser source of THz radiation

terahertz source

Terahertz radiation source with optical pump in the spectral range from 73 μm (4.11 THz) up to 210 μm (1.42 THz).

optical parametric oscillator

Optical parametric oscillator

OPO systems

Design and developing wide tunable coherent sources in the mid-IR range from 2.5 up to 18 μm.