Special technologies Ltd.

Scope of activities

The main activity of the company is focused on the development of CO2-lasers and systems based on them in the following areas of research:

  • gas analysis based on laser photo-acoustic spectroscopy (including gas analysis for medicine);
  • development and production of laser sources and systems based of them;
  • development and production of tunable laser sources in the mid-IR and THz range;
  • laser systems of cutting, engraving, labelling.
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Special technologies, Ltd.
630060, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
Zeljonaja gorka str. 1/3
+7 (383) 334-8081

CO2-lasers production

CO2-lasers Production

Development and production sealed-off waveguide CO2-lasers. Automatic assignment of line. We can adopt our lasers to fit your needs. Integrated RF power supply provides cooling configuration (air/liquid).

Параметрический генератор света

Development of tunable laser sources in the mid-IR

Product of high-performance and compact laser sources in the mid-IR (from 2 up 18 μm).

nonlinear crystals

Nonlinear crystals Production

Growth of Lithium Triborate LiB3O5 (LBO). Production of nonlinear-optical elements for frequency conversion of near IR lasers.


The team of Special Technologies Ltd. sincerely congratulates engineer Nadezhda Kostyukova with a successful defense of the PD thesis. Theme of the dissertation is "Parametric generation of light of the middle IR range in HgGa2S4 and BaGa4Se7 crystals".



Specialist of the R&D department of Special technologies, Ltd. took part in the largest international conference CLEO® / Europe-EQEC 2017, which was held in Munich from 25 to 29 June.